"A unique tale by a fresh voice in horror."
-Tracey Fleming "The Written Universe"


Thursday, February 6, 2014

FREE books: 'Sweat Zombies', 'Cutthroat Heroes', and 'Ghost City'

FREE books for around 2 months. Available at B&N and iTunes. For Kindle owners, download at Smashwords. Enjoy!

Sweat Zombies

A lovesick alcoholic joins a fitness center and gets more than he paid for. Pain, sweat, tears, zombies....No one said getting over depression would be easy. A horror-comedy novelette.

Cutthroat Heroes

A mysterious company called Cutthroat Heroes can cure your loneliness by injecting a “love ghost” into the heart of that special someone and make him (or her, or them, or it) fall in love with you. A fantasy-comedy novella. 

Ghost City

Trapped on an island of ghosts, a surviving zombie hunter writes about his early training days, his stint as an exorcist, and run-ins with a gangster Pope. A horror-comedy novella. 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Giving KDP Select a 2nd try

Sorry, NOOK and iPad readers. My books will be unavailable until my little Amazon experiment is over. If you don't already know, I have to make my books available only on the Kindle to participate in the Select program.

Will report soon!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

On success: Don't give up....

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
-Thomas Edison

More of his quotes at http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Thomas_Edison

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mummies VS Vamps + future horror novel

The "Mummies versus Vampires" book is coming along well. It's turning out to be a novelette, maybe a novella. Ego be damned, I never wanna push a novel onto an idea. If a story wants to be short, then that's fine by me. So far, only two ideas have made their way into novels: "Ambulance Masters" and "Transdolphin".

As much as I think those books are really fun (and super weird), my heart will always be for short books. I'm impatient. Gadzooks. I might have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder? I wonder how you get tested for that.

Back to the M VS V book....

I tried really hard to make it serious, but I fell back again on humor. It's who I am -- what I love. But I'm also a fan of serious horror movies. I'm determined to write a serious horror book one day. Maybe the idea of mummies versus vampires is just too goofy. I have another idea: An old woman finds legs growing in her garden. She also has a son...in a wheelchair. Horror follows. Somehow.

I'm still working on the outline.

Now that I think about it, legs growing in a garden, feet up, toes wiggling against the sun, does sound a little funny.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Mummies vs. Vampires - sample

(I feel I should remind people that this isn't another Underworld or Nightwatch. With that said, here's the first page. Enjoy!)


They found the dead mummy on the beach. Photographers gathered around, snapping pictures and shoving each other for the money shot – for a glimpse of its face. The mummy wasn't a wrinkled monster in bandages. It was a bald woman in modern clothing. Everything was white: her jacket, her pants, her boots. The mummies were in the middle of a fight with a large group of vampires, when the cops ran in and scared everyone off. The reporter pointed to the corpse and said something about how it was the first time in history a mummy was seen on camera. Police officers started yelling at everyone, demanding they back away from the scene. The reporter protested as a cop shoved his hand into the camera. The screen went to static. I changed the channel to a soap opera only to be interrupted by another news update: The Honolulu Police Department discovered another vampire lair – what local people called “filthy chicken coops” – in a rundown Waikiki hotel.

The cameraman pushed through the cops. The place was dim. Lamps were on the ground and flashing. A light mist hung in the air. Sounds of bullets clicking into guns, laughter, and feet on candy wrappers. A cop pulled back a curtain and bathed the apartment in sunlight. Vampire corpses were scattered about, on the ground in tangled positions, wounds filled with more of that mysterious sand. People coughed and covered their noses from the stink of vampire sweat and piss. Large holes were in the walls. One of the cops reached into one and pulled out dead cats, said vampires loved sucking on “these little snacks”. Disgusted, I put down my juice box.

The reporter and her cameraman followed a few cops into the bathroom. The tub was filled with nude, dead people – all piled up, touching the ceiling, their hands clawed, mouths frozen in a scream. The bodies were covered in teethmarks and dried blood. I was reminded of a stack of french fries. (Funny how the TV blurred the genitals and breasts, not the blood-holes and death-stares.) My fingers dug into my knees. I felt trapped. There was nowhere to run. The vampire problem was worldwide. They were cockroaches – GIANT cockroaches that flew around and sucked our blood and lived like degenerates, like bums in moist alleys and rotting apartments. I couldn't remember a time without them. Thirty years....My life was filled with vampiric roaches. Nothing humans did worked to get rid of them. Nothing for us to do but clean up their bodies, celebrate, and wait....

Wait until the mummies killed them all.

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