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Saturday, May 31, 2014

I tried writing Erotica

...because it's (currently) the most popular genre, and I failed. Not because I didn't make money, because I kinda-sorta did, but because I wasn't inspired, at all, while writing it. No fun. Just dead writing. A corpse book.

That short story took me weeks to write. I just wasn't into it. Unlike horror comedy, erotica just isn't my passion. In terms of future success, I keep telling myself that trends change. One day my genre could take off. It's just a question of when. Erotica wasn't always the #1 genre it is now. Remember when Stephen King made horror big? Or what Harry Potter did for kids books? All genres get their day....

When I wrote that short erotic tale (unpublished now), it felt like I had sold my soul. As if I had wasted a special something that God -- or the Universe, or whatever you wanna call it -- gave that makes me different from everyone else.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Zombie Hunter's Bible PLUS: 4-Book Set

Available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JP0V1R2

NOOK store: http://tinyurl.com/7763laq

This 4-book set makes the perfect gift for readers that enjoy their horror with a slash of humor. Includes "How I Met Barbara The Zombie Hunter", "Get Kilt: A Zombie Pill", "Sweat Zombies", "The Zombie Hunter's Bible", and a preview of "Transdolphin (aka The Weredolphin)".

How I Met Barbara The Zombie Hunter
Yes, there are zombies, even in Hawaii. A foolish, lonely writer learns this the hard way from a beautiful woman who claims to be a hunter of the living dead. (Note to self: Next time, when a stranger on the internet wants to see you, just say no.) A horror comedy novelette.

Get Kilt: A Zombie Pill
An energy pill called Kilt turns the elderly into overactive, dangerous zombies. Time for the walking dead to Get Kilt. A horror comedy novella.

Sweat Zombies
A lovesick alcoholic joins a fitness center and gets more than he paid for. Pain, sweat, tears, zombies....No one said getting over depression would be easy. A horror comedy novelette.

The Zombie Hunter's Bible
A horror comedy novella. (Editor's Note: Information contained within these pages is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not murder people because they have been bitten by "zombies".)

Transdolphin (preview)
Noah's Ark has never been found...until now. Inside the colossal boat, an archaeologist discovers the power of an ancient creature that could finally rid Oahu of law-breaking werewolves. A horror comedy novel.