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Saturday, May 31, 2014

I tried writing Erotica

...because it's (currently) the most popular genre, and I failed. Not because I didn't make money, because I kinda-sorta did, but because I wasn't inspired, at all, while writing it. No fun. Just dead writing. A corpse book.

That short story took me weeks to write. I just wasn't into it. Unlike horror comedy, erotica just isn't my passion. In terms of future success, I keep telling myself that trends change. One day my genre could take off. It's just a question of when. Erotica wasn't always the #1 genre it is now. Remember when Stephen King made horror big? Or what Harry Potter did for kids books? All genres get their day....

When I wrote that short erotic tale (unpublished now), it felt like I had sold my soul. As if I had wasted a special something that God -- or the Universe, or whatever you wanna call it -- gave that makes me different from everyone else.

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