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Sunday, December 30, 2012

KDP Select - I'm doing it for all 9 books (Update: Not anymore)

Well, this blog has been dead for months. I've been busy (and more successful) doing my animated construction paper/toy series Toyboat Toyboat, which you can watch at http://blip.tv/toyboattoyboat

Honestly, my books have not been getting into the hands of as many people as I want -- even with Smashwords's help, and they make my stuff available on all reading devices. So in a "I've got nothing to lose" move, I'm taking my 9 books off Smashwords, and everywhere else, and taking the Amazon KDP Select path.

Let's see what happens.

(I guess I'm giving up on writing books. It was a dream of mine to write full time. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. And I suck at baseball.)

If you're interested, here's an episode of my show (also available on YouTube):


I got tired of animating. I missed writing. So, I'm back. As for KDP Select...not good. The result? Lots of free downloads, which is great. But the KDP Select free promotion is sooo damn short. Once that ended, it was back to the same one or two sales a month deal. I can see how the program can work for famous authors, but in my case, not so much. So I took my books off KDP. At least now they're available to enjoy on all reading devices.


Sales for the Nook and iPad are good, as usual. Amazon...not so good. As usual. (Thinks.) Amazon: I don't get that place. My stuff has never sold well there. Do Kindle owners think differently from, say, Nook owners? Do more older people own Kindles? Do more younger people own Nooks? Do more people with a sense of humor own Nooks? Arrrghh!

I gotta go. My head's about to implode.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Transdolphin" (eBook out now!)

Purchase for the Kindle --->

“Wrong,” Beth said to the zombie hunter. “Noah had three arks. He made one for typical animals, one for unicorns, and one for transdolphins. This mountain IS the ark holding the transdolphins...and I'm going to open it. What could go wrong?”

An archaeologist uses the power of an ancient creature to rid Oahu of law-breaking werewolves. A fantasy-comedy novel.

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