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Friday, December 2, 2011

Filmmaking VS. Bookwriting

I want to make the most of my stay here. I want to be something of worth. I want to contribute something important, entertaining, to humanity. Something of value.

I've tried many things -- experimented in many careers. For a long time, I thought film was my calling: I directed, acted, wrote, edited, made music, even did camera work. Nothing came of it. When I hit 30, I took a long, hard (that's what she said) look at myself and asked, "What's my purpose? What am I good at? What's fun?"

I was always telling stories. Problem with filmmaking is that you need a bunch of things to tell that story: Money, people, more money, and a lot of patience. Many, many years I spent making films, and as fun a hobby as film is, that's all it'll ever be for me: A hobby. I know that now, and I'm at peace with that choice.

Writing books is much more fun. I'm the boss. I don't have to worry about budget or arguing with crew members. And it's even better in this modern, digital age -- with eBooks. I can manage everything from book cover design to price to marketing. Total control.

I want to make a difference in the world; take people away from their problems, if only for a few hours. I have a goal of entertaining a billion readers. And I intend on making it happen.

I will stand for something. My life will mean something. I will not be ignored, or forgotten.

Strange feelings of contentment, awe, and excitement....

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