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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Procrastinating. "Cutthroat Heroes". Vitamins.

Yes, I've been procrastinating.

Why? Oh, the usual: Doubt, mainly. Doubting what? The future. Life. Where am I going? What's my destiny? Blah blah blahs. Typical human stuff.

We all go through depression; but I guess it's a problem once it stops you from doing "normal", everyday things. Not that I do that many things anyway. Aside from my night job, I don't go out. EVER. Seems like a waste of time, going out. I have to write. Have to make something of myself. Be a success. Be somebody. Leave something important behind when I'm gone. Time, time, time....I'm officially a recluse. Just wanna write. Write what I enjoy and hope that it catches on and rings a bell with a few people. Get out of this damn place. Kalihi. Just move faraway. Make a new life. A better one. So as you can see, time is very important to me. I don't have time for depression. I can't be sleeping all day. I must continue my work.

Anyways, I'm ranting again....

I've been taking Niacin (vitamin b-3), flushing out toxins -- literally getting flushed red -- and it seems to be helping. Other supplements I've been taking are L-Argentine (helps rid the body of ammonia), Epimedium (Aphrodisiac), Fish Oil (Omega-3), caffeine, and a multivitamin. Much of these can be found in foods, but seeing how I don't eat properly, pills will have to do.

As for "Cutthroat Heroes", I'm almost done with it. Due to my depressing procrastination, the book's kinda been hanging in limbo, and, sadly, getting stale in my mind. But I'll finish it. Still good....

Can't wait to start on something fresh. "Weredolphin" sounds fun!

Well, off to check on my baked chicken!


  1. I understand what you're going through. I have multiple sclerosis and depression is a lovely side effect. All I ever want to do is write, but I'm not always feeling up to it. The vitamins are a good itea! You may want to check into B12 as well. Just a suggestion :) Hope things start looking up...sounds like you have great writing to do!!! Take care :)

  2. Nice to meet you! Always good to know you're not alone in dealing with this sort of stuff ^_^

  3. Raymund,
    I'm so glad I found you on a comment on my blog! It's nice to hear people in the aloha state deal with this... Wait, that didn't come out right! I'm glad to know we're all human rising above life! I thought getting out my first book would be the bomb! Now I just worry about the numbers on Amazon! Seriously, numbers?! Ugh. For now I'll relax and know my friend far away is going through the same thing. Except he's brilliant! Ugh. I just found another thing to worry about. Blast you! Well, keep up the vitamins I think I'll go down a bottle!

  4. Aloha! Nice to meet you ^_^

    Yup, you get those tough days sometimes. You start to ask the question: Why am I doing this??

    And the answers come quick. 1) We love what we do (creating exciting worlds), and 2) It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that others are enjoying your work. We feel useful. Discovering your purpose in life is an awesome feeling ^_^

    By all means, feel free to chat with me if you ever feel down....Let's encourage each other to keep writing!