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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to discover your dream career! (Dream Room)

Said video: http://youtu.be/IuvRvTlgRcc

I was watching some YouTube video on the great film composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Inception), and he was giving the interviewer a tour of his studio/thinking room.

He had the place built. There were guitars all over the place, bookshelves filled with compositions, computers with music programs, and a big TV to score his music to. (And no window, far as I could tell.) This room is a film composer's dream.

So I was thinking...if I had a room (a dream room to think, work, and be at peace in), what would it look like?

Books. All over the place. Philosophy books, fiction books, anatomy books, history books. I'm getting goosebumps just writing about this. I mean, the very idea that I can walk up and read about topics that entertain me....That's awesome. My own library.

And I thought, "Writing books is, without a doubt, my calling in life."

I wasn't just imagining a room; I was imagining my damn Life.

It's not like I visualized my dream room to be filled with musical instruments (then you should be a musician), or video games (then you should make video games), or movies (then you should go into filmmaking). Nope. I see books.

I think this is a great exercise, especially if you're not sure what you want to do as a career, or, if you're like me, you want to do everything under the sun but only want to choose ONE. Your true calling in life. Your career....

Give it a try, imagine that room, and make it a reality. Discover your dream job. Go for it. Put all your chips in. Do it. Work at it. Make the time. Keep working at it. Energy goes where attention goes. Start now!



  1. First of all, you had me at "Hanz Zimmer."

    I'm a big believer in visualization as an aid to reaching goals. In fact, I even have a board with things that represent what I want in life. It includes things like a cottage by the water in Maine, a person meditating (for peace), a picture of Paris (because I want to do more traveling), etc.

    It helps me keep my eye on the ball when things get murky and it helps me stay on task when I'm tempted to stray.

    Wishing you luck and a satisfying journey to your library room - and the life of your dreams.


  2. You have a vision board!

    On my wall, I have a picture of my dream condo.

    Thanks for stopping by =)

    PS: I'm wondering, how did you learn about getting a vision board?

  3. That was inspirational man. My room will probably be filled with things Psychology and some porno's tucked neatly in the corner or... or... just pictures and memorabilias of you.


  4. Another great inspiring posting. Go for all of those dreams.

  5. Raymund, do you follow Amanda Hocking's blog? She talks a lot about her vision boards (and is hilarious and chill and wonderful), and it's amazing to read her blog and see how it happened from her perspective. Awesome post! Until I get my room o'books, I just make sure my iPod is loaded with my writerly mixes and that my laptop has a great screensaver. Gotta start somewhere!

  6. I did read her blog! =) She said her roommate told her to try it, and almost everything on her board came true, lol. Super cool =)