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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing a serious horror book

I was listening to the audio book of Frank Mccourt's 'Tis (Angela's' Ashes 2), and I thought:

It might be fun to leave comedy aside for a while and write a horror book.

Not that 'Tis is horror, but it got me thinking about writing a serious book. And for that to work (for the horror to work, for the FEAR to work), it might be that I'll have to write about "real" people doing "real" things. You know, take a stab at what Stephen King does best: Writing characters readers care about.

But what to write?

Got a few ideas.

I'm a fan of Silent Hill (which is inspired by the great film Jacob's Ladder). Maybe do something like that? But in Hawaii?

I like space horror, like the movie Event Horizon and the game Dead Space (which pretty much was Event Horizon: The Unofficial Game). Maybe something like that? But on the water? Outer space, the ocean, they're kinda the same. Biiiiiiig open spaces are scary, if you're alone in them.

Also playing around with the idea of Nazis in Hawaii -- you know, just hiding out, Nazi scientists making Nazi zombies, waiting to start WW3. Think I'll call it...Nazi Hawaii. Duh, lol.

I might go with my Born on The 4th of July meets The Exorcist thing, about a Vietnam vet that goes back home to Hawaii and is haunted by the image of a wounded soldier being "sucked" out of a chopper.

Or maybe I'll just combine them all into one book.

We'll see how it goes!

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