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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Next book: PMS Super Soldiers

In other news, I have an idea for another book, maybe after Weredolphin. Something about the military kidnapping all the women in the US (ALL of them) and turning them into ultimate killing machines for WW3, against...well...everyone outside the US of A. Super women with scientifically, religiously-altered PMS. It'll be far from having a "period". Thinking I'll call it Exclamation Point.

It'll be a comedy horror surreal adventure. Yup. Sounds about right. Will it be sexist? Not sure. I mean, it's not my intention. But it might be anti-men. Just for laughs. It's interesting. What would life be like with switched gender roles? Anyone watch Futurama? Er...never mind.

Exclamation Point.

Although, I do have a soft spot for the title PMS Super Soldiers.

Maybe I could do a part 2 later. Maybe focus more on one character. A "life after the war" type of thing. At that point, women would be more tough than MEN. I wonder how the male and female relationship would work. How would men feel about being kicked around by women? What would men do to, as they say, "man up"? Sounds like a fun little novella.

I'd like to write it.

Mahalo for reading!


  1. PMS Super Soldiers - AWESOME title! You'd probably catch some grief for it, but it's definitely one that people would remember.

  2. Thanks, man!

    I wonder how the author of "God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist?" feels LOL =)