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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Been Selling on Smashwords....

This is weird, and confuses me a little.

So everyday I've been checking my amazon account, hoping to see sales. But, no. Not for weeks now. But then, deciding to rewrite my biography, I go to my Smashwords page (they distribute to Sony and Apple and B&N, etc.), and...what the hell...I sold 64 books. I've been selling, and no one told me. Is my email not working??

That's great and all, selling books, but now I'm confused on what to focus on in terms of marketing: Amazon or Smashwords. I thought Amazon would be better (directing people there), since it's so popular, and all.

I don't know.

Both would be the obvious answer. I guess it's useless to try and figure out. Like trying to guess when you'll wake up one day with a cockroach in your mouth.

Who knows?

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