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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, man...editing pains....

You check and recheck...read and reread...and you still -- STILL -- pick up mistakes. You can give your book to 100 people and I guarantee you this: Some kind of mistake, typo, something that'll generally make you feel stupid, will be found.

For example. I was reading through my book Get Kilt and found this sentence: "At the end of commercial, she jumped through a wall."

My question is, should there be a "the" before commercial? You could argue that no, it's not necessary. You can still understand what the sentence is driving at, and besides, people say things like, "Cut to commercial!" all the time. So maybe, maybe, maybe I can breathe easy on this one. But in general, it bugs the living cwap out of me.

Woman, you start to feel dumb, retarded, etc. Stephen King was right, what helps is if you hide your 1st draft for a month. When you reread it, it'll seem like a foreign thing. The mistakes will be easier to pick up.

Some of them.

I mean, I guess I feel better knowing that I still read many mistakes in commercial books.

Two things I'll start doing.

1. Write slower (my hands usually goes faster than my brain).


2. Reread slower.

Just do your best. That's ALL you can do.


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  1. That's a good tip. A friend of mine has started writing a novel, and his method was to check every couple of thousand words he's written. :s I certainly can relate, even though I only write essays I make so many mistakes!