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Monday, August 22, 2011

I Spoke with God again. Or maybe I'm nuts.

I was working at the same time when this happened. Whoever it was, I liked what it/he/she/me had to say.

R: So what do I do?
G: Just write.
R: Novellas? How many?
G: One a week. Eventually, one novella a week. It's not like you do anything else with your day and nights.
R: People will tell me to just write a full-on novel and focus on marketing it. Maybe for a year.
G: Would you enjoy those things? Writing a novel and marketing so much?
R: I'd hate it. Wouldn't be fun.
G: Exactly why you shouldn't do it. (pause) Writing a novel and marketing it a whole year works for some people, yes, but not YOU. Your way is different. By following your way, success will come because there will be no resistance. You are doing what you love, HOW you want to love it.
R: How should I pursue my writing career?
G: Write as many books as you want. Your soul wants to write a lot, so respect that, and have fun with it. I'll handle the things you don't want to bother with. Just don't get in my way.
R: How can I get in your way?
G: By worrying about the things you don't want to do. Think of it like this: I (the ever-knowing spirit -- the very universe) know way more than you. I am on the mountain top. What you see as the ceiling, I see as the floor. When you worry, you try to do my job. And that's futile. Doing things you're frustrated with -- that you do not enjoy doing -- is disastrous. Never let a boy do a man's job. Have faith that I'll take care of everything. I am in the details. Have faith. That's all praying does, if done right. A letting go. A release. Let me do my part. Offer zero resistance by following your bliss.
R: You're saying you'll handle the marketing? That's hard to believe.
G: That's the problem.
R: Me and my big mouth.
G: It's a cooperation. I make the situations happen, and you ACT on them. If you choose to.
R: You're saying that, if I let you do what you do best, I'll just magically meet the right people to help get me where I want to go?
G: There's nothing magical about it. You meet people all the time. Only now (if you do what I say), you'll meet people that will help get you where you want to go. Understand, I am your servant. Yes, I have helped you meet everyone you ever met, but usually it was because you were offering me random orders. If you want to meet the right people, make it clear in your mind (your message) that this is what you want, and let me -- important -- do the work for you. And you let me work best when you do what you do best. Give me a demand, and don't worry about it anymore. Have faith. Faith! It's a lot like fishing. You throw out your line...wait...wait some more...but don't give up! Then, in time, you feel a tug! Then you reel it in, reel it in, reel it in...until you hold that fish up -- that thing you couldn't see before but knew it was always there.
R: I'm impatient.
G: Understand that you live in a reality of Time and Space. The Law of Growth comes to mind. Things take time to grow...to happen. The longer you work toward a goal, focus on it with faith, letting me work FOR you on my end of things, the sooner you will get what you want. It's worked so far in your life.
R: What? I didn't ask for this job, these friends.
G: Not consciously.
R: I did it subconsciously? That's like cheating. How am I suppose to monitor my subconscious thoughts?
G: Like anything else. Practice. With practice, you will no longer be creating by default. WE will no longer be creating by default. You get what you really want. REALLY, really want. So instead of creating by default, you should be clear on these demands you're constantly giving me. Do it consciously from this day on. And demand great things. Your true goal. A BIG goal! And it MUST come to you to help you evolve, to help you be more than you currently are. This is because to experience a different reality, you would have to become a totally different person. You need to evolve, become stronger to handle your new situation. Think about this. Put the old you that you were 10 years ago into your current state of life, and that version of you would not be able to handle that reality. In time, because the universe mirrors your inner wold, the reality the old you is living in will change BACK to suit their beliefs -- create for themselves a world they can handle. You create for yourself realities perfectly suited for your ever-changing beliefs. Give a bum a hundred dollars, they'll waste it on booze. Give Donald Trump a hundred dollars, and he'll make back millions. He created himself into someone able to function (and be wildly successful) in a reality revolving around money. You can say that he is that way because of genes, but that's only half true. You're born with a template, but because you have the freedom to choose -- to be inspired -- you can go against your genes and choose your own way. Trump is who he is because he chooses to be so. He built himself up. So you see, to get the future you want, you must become more to handle more. You must grow.
R: What's this got to do with me and wanting to write a lot of books.
G: It's a great adventure, great work, writing so much, no? Think of how much you will change! This is what you have to do to be ready for your successful future. This is what you will have to go through to be able to handle this future you want so bad. You have to change. Grow. And everyone grows. But not everyone directs their Will (directs their higher self) into WHAT they want to grow INTO. Most people grow by default. Not with focus. Not with faith. They just follow along with the herd. And you know what you step into when you follow the herd, right?
R: Right.
G: Because they step in bullshit.
R: How do I know what my higher self really wants, so I can work in cooperation with it?
G: Follow your passion. What excites you? Your higher self has been uploading stories INTO that lump of goo you call a brain. The higher self -- the soul, the universe, YOU -- needs to work through the physical body to make things. A cooperation is needed between Brain and Soul. And the physical body can best cooperate with the higher self by...perusing what brings them both great JOY. You must trust your instincts, that tug in your stomach, your inspiration. So when you say you want to be a successful writer, it's not you as you know it saying that want. It's you as your higher self. You are actually talking to yourself.
R: It must be frustrating for my higher self, trying to work through me and get what it wants with me -- the physical side of things.
G: It is very frustrating. It's like trying to get somewhere in a car that has a mind of its own and wants to go the other direction.
R: Good thing I don't drive.
G: God thing.
R: I see what you did there.
G: Thanks.

PS: Well, that was fun. The thing that I really get out of all of this is: You have to build yourself into someone capable of handling a reality bigger than the one you are currently living.