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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evil Dead 4 (a letter to Sam Raimi)

Dear Sam Raimi,

Dude, sir, sire...please make this film soon. We fellow Deadites are hungry for another installment in this fine series. We want to be scared, we want to laugh, we want more Bruce Campbell, we want more of your kinetic direction.

Horror comedies suck now. Shaun of the Dead was boring (aside from that scene with that Queen song). Zombieland was...alright (Ghostbusters with zombies). Evil Dead 2 is straight-up awesome! Many would agree that it is still -- to this very day -- KING of horror comedies.

I'd pay upwards of $100 to see a 4th Evil Dead.

Just please keep Bruce as Ash, and please direct the thing. You, Sam Raimi, are the only one worthy to direct Evil Dead 4. (Oh, I don't know...maybe Peter Jackson????)


PS: So you're directing a World of Warcraft film? That actually sounds pretty cool. Looking forward to it!

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