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Monday, August 8, 2011

Beer = Creativity?

Does being drunk equal creativity? Like, is a beer the key to the imagination?

Now, I'm all for drinking and getting hammered drunk, but I can't write when under the influence. Typos happen like crazy. I'm not like Stephen King in that sense (then again, I guess he trained himself to Drink & Write). I can't write when drunk. However, I must admit, I do sense less resistance when I'm drunk. What I mean is, the ideas come quickly, easily.

You don't need to get drunk or high to write that way -- to open that creative window.

I think it's just practice. Just practice free-handwriting a lot. Give that Left brain a rest. Learn to fix all those mistakes later. Get the story out first as fast as you can. Don't stop the flow of ideas.

In short....

Right Brain = Writing
Left Brain = Editing

The two do not mix well together.

But just start with the writing first ^_^

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